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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Defending Humanity: Tower Defence Wars Aliens plus Giant weapons in this 3D game - PC Mac iOS Android

Large scale 3D Tower Defence game set in the future on an alien earth like planet.

All of humanity is in danger now that they know about Earth. You must stop them as you play on levels ranging from arctic to jungle all with full camera controls.

  • Large 3D maps with pan, tilt, rotate, zoom camera controls.
  • Dynamic weather with volumetric clouds, snow, rain, sun and moons (yes we said moons)
  • "Pathing" and "maze" style maps as well as a hybrid of both.
  • FPS mode, take control of your towers and turn the tide in battle.
  • Stunning 3D alien world to battle in.

Work in progress features:

  • Persistent skill tree system to level up your towers as you play
  • Player activated abilities that heal, damage, stun, slow, protect
  • All towers and enemies in the early alpha demo are placeholders and will be replaced.

Kickstarter page

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