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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Death by Game Show twitch-action and strategy game - PC

In the 26th century, humanity has become utterly and irreversibly stupid… more so.

Only a lovable tub of goo by the name of U.H. Wutt demonstrates an acceptable level of intelligence, but the droids and robots who now run the world don’t take kindly to U.H. Wutt’s non-moronitude. Because of it, U.H Wutt has been sentenced to Death by Game Show.

Death by Game Show is a twitch-action and strategy game, a hybrid where reaction and resources are equally important. Inspired by the movie Idiocracy, pop culture, and game developer Oointah’s skewed sense of humour, this is a unique twist on off-the-wall-strategy.

Death by Game Show Features
  • Blast through 50 challenges of rehabilitation: cause destruction, fight for survival, and beat pre-set conundrums!
  • You’re chained to the Game Show Intimidation Masheen of Pwnage (“Bring out The G.I.M.P.”) - Use it to spawn droids, call in building support, and dominate the field of play.
  • Win an arsenal from the Wheel of Misfortune game show spinner and then risk it all as you struggle through many brutal challenges.
  • 10 different Force-crushing droids including the roller-skating ninja Madichin and the toothy British airborne bomb dropper RD-SLK. (BB who?!)
  • 10 defensive weapons & buildings that feature “Upgrayedd” technology, including:
  • Yeah *Bleep*! Magnets! – a giant toaster that shoots over-sized exploding magnets.
  • Droid Barracks -- wait, a more alarmist name would be… Kent Brockman’s Killbot Factory.
  • DieSuperheroDie – all superheroes, zombies, and minions were rounded up in the 22nd century and electrocuted with this invention.
  • Rust in Peace – delivers a Megadeth-sized barrel of bereavement.
  • The GOFU – protect yourself before the droids wreck yourself with this shield of love.
  • Six unique power-ups including the Speed Runner, It’s Got Electrolytes, Sexy Time, and Mama Said Knock You Out.
  • Build challenges, customise skins, and edit all text in game – Make the Death by Game Show experience your own via the Steam Workshop.
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux versions will be available at launch.

In addition, Oointah is hard at work on a spring 2016 update that will include at least 30 new challenges, an “Off-Air” Skirmish mode, editor updates, and further localisation. The developers also have their eye on adding multiplayer support in the future.

Welcome to Oointah. I Love You.

Oointah is a video game company based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul. We define oointah as imagination and get off on exploring our own oointah to create games we want to play.

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