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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Chivalry - Medieval Warfare - PS4 XO

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a multi-player-focused action game. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is set in a fictional world resembling the Middle Ages and offers similar gameplay combat to the developer's previously released Half-Life 2 mod, Age of Chivalry.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare features a number of game modes.

The main game modes are:

Free For All Every player fights only for himself. The player with most score when the time runs out is declared the winner.

Duel Players fight in a tournament and compete in 1v1 matches. When the player is dueling with another player, the other players are having their own duels at the same time. The player who has the most victories in the end wins.

Team Deathmatch Two teams fight against each. Both teams have the same amount of resources at the beginning of a game. The game ends when other team loses all their resources and the remaining players on the battlefield are killed.

Last Team Standing Two teams fight in an arena and each player has only one life. The arena features environmental hazards like wall spikes and fire towers. The team with players still alive at the end wins a round.

King of the Hill Two teams try to hold an area in the middle of the map. First team to hold the area for a certain amount of time wins.

Capture the Flag. Both teams have to capture a flag from enemy base and bring it back to their base, while defending their own flag. First team to reach 3 captures wins.

Team Objective. Players play in either the attacking team or defending team. The attacking team must complete various objectives like pillaging a village, pushing a battering ram to the enemy gates and killing the king while the defending team must stop them.


Player can choose one of four playable classes. The four classes are the same for both Agatha Knights and Mason Order, the only difference being the colour and style of their armour.

Archer Archers use weapons like bows and javelins to attack from afar. Archers also have shortswords or daggers for close combat. Archers have barely any armor and should only draw their blades when necessary.

Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms is the most nimble of all classes. They use one-handed weapons, like swords and maces, and can use a shield for more effective blocking. Its armor is the weakest of the three melee focused classes, but their greatest defense is speed, as they are fast and can perform dodges.

Vanguard. Vanguards use long weapons, like Polearms and Greatswords, and prefer to stay a bit farther from the enemy. After sprinting for a while, they can perform a deadly sprint attack that does massive damage and heavily unbalances the enemy if the attack is blocked. Vanguards are unique in the fact that they are the only class to not use shields.

Knight. Knights are the heaviest of all classes. They use large, two-handed weapons, such as the longsword and battleaxe. He can also use bigger shields than the other classes. Sacrificing speed for armor, it is the slowest class in the game, as they move very slowly and attacks leave them open for longer periods of time than other classes.

Primary Weapons

The four different classes use weapons mostly faithful to their medieval counterparts.

Archer. Archers use ranged weaponry like longbows, short bows, war bows, crossbows, light crossbows, heavy crossbows, javelins, short spears, heavy javelins, and slings.

Man-at-Arms. The light, nimble Man-at-Arms uses mostly one handed weaponry such as broadswords, Norse swords, Falchions, hatchets, war axes, Dane axes, flanged axes, morning stars, quarter staffs, and holy water sprinklers.

Vanguard. These heavily armed warriors use two-handed weapons with a long reach and utilize greatswords, claymores, zweihanders, thrusting spears, forks, brandistocks, bardiches, billhooks, halberds, and pole hammers.

Knight. The heaviest class in the game uses the strongest weapons which hit slow and hard, such weapons include heavy or normal flails, broadswords, war hammers, throwing axes, and war axes.

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