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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BoxBoy! one of the best puzzle games of 2015 - so simple yet so puzzling - 3DS

Who is Qbby? He may look like a simple shape, but Qbby is a box of many mysteries.

Help Qbby through more than 20 puzzling worlds. Think you've got it down? Challenge yourself with Score Attack or Time Attack.

BoxBoy! Hints and Tips

Hint button - If you need some advice, just tap the hint button. It'll display info on how to create and place boxes—but it'll cost you some Play Coins.

Quick Restart - If you get stuck, you can restart from the last checkpoint by pressing the L Button and R Button simultaneously

Miiverse - Ask for tips or share your own with your fellow BOXBOY! fans on Miiverse. Wireless broadband Internet access required for online features. For more info, go to

Qbby likes to try new outfits - Sometimes a costume will not only make him look good, it may give Qbby special abilities.

  • Rapper - What rhymes with "box"?
  • Ponytail - Stylish and popular.
  • Superhero - Only you can save the world.

Collect the crowns - Collect all the crowns in a stage to earn the maximum number of medals. Reaching them can be tricky, but that makes getting the crowns more rewarding!

Challenge modes - There are two challenge modes, each with eight stages: Time Attack and Score Attack. Try to beat your own score every time!

Share with friends - You can use Download Play to give the BOXBOY! demo version through World 2 to a friend. Share the fun!

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