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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

A New Beginning – Daedalic-Adventure with modern message comes to the iPad

Bent Svensson is about to turn into a reluctant hero. Frustrated, he retired from bio-engineering. But the former scientist's days are about to get much less quiet after a mysterious young woman named Fay knocks on his door.

She claims to be sent from the future to prevent the climate disaster that destroyed the world in her time. Only Svensson's research can stop this catastrophe from happening.
After initially meeting her with healthy distrust, the gruff man soon starts to believe the time traveler's story. As Svensson's research is about to fall into the wrong hands which could result in worldwide disaster, he decides to help her. An exciting global adventure begins.

With A New Beginning, Daedalic Entertainment releases the next title from their award-winning adventure-portfolio for the iPad. The game's controls have been fully optimized for touchscreen use. Daedalic Entertainment has been awarded the German Developer Award for "Best Youth Game 2010" and the German Video Game Award 2011 for the best German game.

A New Beginning tells the story of former bio-engineer Bent Svensson whose retirement is suddenly interrupted. A New Beginning will be available on the App Store for the iPad for 9.99 € / 7.99 £ / 9.99 US-$.

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