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Friday, November 06, 2015

Yakuza 5 Strike First Strike Hard No Mercy - Combat in Yakuza 5 - PS3

One of the most important things a Yakuza must know is how to beat people's faces to a pulp.

Yakuza 5 Strike First Strike Hard
We're talking about brutal, bloody and no-holds-barred street fighting. Kiryu and Saejima didn't get street cred by adopting puppies and saving the trees, they got it by beating the ever-living crap out of everyone who dared stand in their way.

In Yakuza 5, each protagonist possesses unique fighting styles, skills, and upgradeable special abilities that give them an upper hand when challenged to fisticuffs (or dance battles in Haruka's case). Oh, did we mention there are weapons too? It wouldn't be a good street fight if pliers, wooden swords, street signs, and bicycles weren't involved in the action. Though you may want to cover your eyes when you see what they do with pliers...yowch.

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