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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Trivia Saga RPG released in English - iOS Android

Solve Trivia Questions to Progress in Your Adventure:
The game's trivia questions have been culturalised for western audiences and feature topics ranging from popular culture to world history. The combination of trivia and fantasy makes this title enjoyable by fans of both genres!

A Fantasy World Brought to Life with Beautiful Graphics:
The 2D/3D fusion graphics and smooth animation of the numerous characters bring the captivating world of Trivia Kingdom to life.

Strengthen Your Allies:
Power up the unique characters that you summon or meet on your adventures. Mix and match your party by the characters' magic skills and passive abilities to create a team that suits your tastes!

To celebrate the release of "Trivia Saga", there will be special login bonuses and an Ally Enhancement campaign within the game! Give your party a head start.

Daily Login Bonuses in Celebration of the Release:
  • Tentative Availability: 10/29 (Thu.) - 11/30 (Mon.)
  • 5 Gems will be sent to your Gift Box every day you log in during the above period.
Gold Rush and Training Path Available for a Limited Time:
  • Tentative Availability: 10/29 (Thu.) - 11/4 (Wed.)
  • The limited quests Gold Rush and Training Path will be available during the above period. In these limited quests, you can earn gold allies, which sell for a lot of coins, or magic allies, which give tons of EXP when used in Enhancement.
Limited Time Only! Ally Enhancement Campaign:
  • Tentative Availability: 10/29 (Thu.) - 11/4 (Wed.)
  • When you Enhance your allies during the above period, your chance for a "great success", which massively increases the EXP your allies earn, is tripled. Strengthen your party and stand up to anyone who challenges you!
A team will regularly release updates and additional content in order to make "Trivia Saga" the best game it can be, so look forward to what we have in store!

iOS device Requirements:
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later
  •  54.3 MB
Trivia Saga 1.03 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. Trivia Saga is also available on Android devices that come standard with Android 4.1 or later (excluding some devices) on Google Play.

Download from iTunes - here
Download from Google Play - here

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