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Friday, November 06, 2015

Total War Rome 2: Spartan Edition extended trailer - PC

If you’ve not dived in to 2013’s massive strategy game yet, now’s the time with a collected edition of Total War: ROME II featuring a selection of additional content and expansions available now from selected retailers.

Collecting together a wealth of content from the ROME II opus, players will discover the best of the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Thousands of hours of challenging conquest await across a massive main game, two epic campaign expansions and dramatic extra content that introduces additional playable factions and ferocious elite warriors.

The unique mix of real-time massive battles and turn-based campaign map strategy, Total War offers conflict and empire-building on an unparalleled scale, with jaw-dropping attention to detail.

The Total War: ROME II – Spartan Edition contains the following premium content:

Total War: ROME II
  • Imperator Augustus - Campaign Pack
  • Wrath of Sparta - Campaign Pack
  • Greek States - Culture Pack
  • Daughters of Mars - Unit Pack

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