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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rocket League Chaos Run DLC Information and Game Trailer - PC PS4

Thematically inspired by films and literature set in grim, post-apocalyptic futures, Chaos Run brings those happy-go-lucky scenarios to Rocket League's universe with two brand new Battle-Cars (Ripper and Grog), 12 new Decals (six for each new vehicle), and several new Paint Types, Wheels, Rocket Trails, Toppers, and Antennas.

"Chaos Run" will be available this December on both the PlayStation Network and Steam PC for $3.99 USD or its regional equivalent.

But that's not all. In addition to its paid downloadable content, Psyonix will also release a FREE new arena, dubbed "Wasteland." Based on a popular map of the same name found in the original Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Wasteland is the first "non-standard" Rocket League stadium to hit the game --boasting a completely-sloped perimeter, entirely different Boost placements, and a much more prominent, physically-wider pitch.

The New Rocket League Chaos Run DLC Includes:

· 2 New Battle-Cars, Ripper and Grog
· 12 New Decals (six for each new Battle-Car)
· 2 New Paint Types (Camo and Sun-Damaged)
· 2 New Wheels (Ripper and Grog)
· 2 New Rocket Trails (Sandstorm, Nuts and Bolts)
· 3 New Toppers (Boombox, Cow Skull, Mohawk)
· 3 New Antennas (Bomb Pole, Radioactive, Retro Ball - Wasteland)
· 5 New Trophies (PS4) and Achievements (Steam)

Rocket League is one of the most critically-acclaimed games of the summer, boasting a community that is already more than 8 million players strong. Available digitally on the PlayStation 4 via PlayStationNetwork and on PC via Steam, Rocket League brings gamers a high-powered hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem.

Offering easy-to-understand controls and fluid physics-driven competition for 1-8 players, Rocket League boasts more than 10 billion possible garage customisations, giving players the opportunity to distinguish their Battle-Cars in either local or online play, while showing them off in a broadcast-quality replay viewer that perfectly complements the video-editing capabilities of PlayStation SHAREfactory.

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