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Monday, November 02, 2015

Rayman Adventures download now for Apple TV

Ubisoft announce that Rayman Adventures, the latest offshoot of the successful Rayman series now available for download from the App Store is available on the new Apple TV the fourth generation.

Ubisoft is pleased to be one of the first development studio for the new platform. With the goal of developing innovative video games for new platforms, Ubisoft delivers a gaming experience that uses the new system exceptional.

Jean-Michel Detoc (Executive Producer of Mobile Division at Ubisoft) says: "With its devices, Apple has the way hundreds of millions of people play quality games in an accessible, intuitive way already revolutionized. We are delighted to support the release of the new Apple TV with an exclusive version of one of our largest and most popular franchises in the form of Rayman Adventures. "

Rayman Adventures offers a unique gaming experience on the Apple TV with the new touch-based Siri-Remote ™ controller and gives players a fun, intuitive and easily accessible gaming experience.

"It was a great experience to develop the game for Apple TV and we had the opportunity to fully exploit the resources of the device. It was nice to see how the Siri Remote harmonizes with our gameplay, "says Thomas Le Grand (Producer, Ubisoft Montpellier).

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