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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pankapu the Dreamkeeper colourful platformer demo released - PC Mac Linux

Launched on Kickstarter two weeks ago and supported by Square Enix Collective, France-based Too Kind Studio, the team behind colourful platformer Pankapu, has released a demo for the game.

The team is seeking funding of EUR 40,000 to help complete the project; at the time of writing, the project was over two thirds-funded with two weeks of the campaign remaining.

The game is a projection of Djaha’Rell’s mind, and it all takes place inside this imaginary world. In this way, most of the characters and situations come from his troubled past, and the player, if he/she is a little bit curious, will find the parallel between these two stories.

This mise en abyme will settle a dual narration. The young player will then follow the adventures of Pankapu, as he would in a traditional tale, while the more mature ones will read between the lines and discover the tragic story of Djaha’Rell, and how he overcomes his trauma.

The game was showcased at the Made in France booth at Paris Games Week to very positive feedback – so anything you’re able to do to help spread the word of the campaign and get them to their modest, but important, target would be much appreciated.

More information on the game is available on the Kickstarter page:

Key features

  • 2D action platform game - told like a tale
  • 2 parallel stories - Dreams and Reality
  • Released chapter by chapter
  • 3 aegis, acting like jobs, switchable in real time
  • Nebula system with skill tree unlocking
  • Re visit levels to find new equipment and weapons
  • Soundtrack composed by Ganae and Hiroki Kikuta
  • PC Mac and Linux

For this great adventure we've been given the opportunity to work with Hiroki Kikuta, the famous composer of Secret of Mana, Shining Hearts, and Indivisible.

Square Enix Collective is a platform that aims to help independent developers find an audience for their projects, by enabling them to tap into our community and media resources. Projects which gamers support through the initial Feedback phase may be offered continued support through crowdfunding too; but developers are free to choose whether to accept, and always retain IP and complete creative control over their projects.

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