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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Mini Metro city transport network management simulator - PC

Some big cities are close to gridlock, in this easy-to-learn game "Mini Metro" you can try and manage transport issue in this game.

Players must plan and develop the entire metro network of a growing metropolis. The simulation game for PC will be released tomorrow for only 9.99 Euro.

At the start of the game your city has only three stations they can all be connected to underground lines. As the game progresses, you have to aim to create efficient connections. Realistic procedures plus known lines from eleven major cities provide great gameplay.

Among the cities are world-famous subway networks of Berlin, London, Paris, New York and Montreal.

Your city grows and increase the demands on the underground network. Stations with more and more passengers and the limited number of lines and tunnels require constant attention and an ever improving network.

New connections, stations, and more and more cars and locomotives are needed to convey the people of your boom town. The keep the city remaining in motion, depends on your management. There are three game modes available. In normal mode, short games can be completed.

The Endless mode provides lasting gameplay, in which one focuses on long-term planning without time pressure.

The player who is looking for a challenge should try the Extreme mode: Here, the resources are quickly exhausted and the crowds are increase fast. Each metro map is a collector's item, which reflects the player's individual choices, inspired by the abstract style of the artist Harry Beck, the schematic network plans of the London Underground developed in the 1930s.

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