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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Grand Ages: Medieval Free Siege & Conquest update - PC (PS4)

Attention, emperors and empresses! The world of Grand Ages: Medieval is being updated to version 1.1 ‘Siege & Conquest’, bringing with it some exciting new improvements and additions that will enhance warfare and add new options for expanding your empire – all completely free of charge!

Releasing on Thursday 19th November via Steam and the Kalypso Launcher for the PC version (PS 4 release date TBC), the new update will coincide with an exclusive developer live stream on the Kalypso Media Twitch channel, offering players an opportunity to see all the new changes in action and explained fully by the development team.

Headlining the new content is the addition of city walls, available in two varieties and designed to help protect against the loss of morale when your cities are being besieged, buying you time to get your defences organised. As with the rest of your city there is no need to micro-manage or change the walls as your city expands.

You know what they say – the bigger they are, the harder they fall – and the introduction of city walls means that a new weapon is available to aid in their destruction. The ‘Trebuchet Master’ is sure to help aggressive conquerors in speeding up their sieges and tearing down city walls. But be careful – these powerful units can’t defend themselves…

As well as these improvements to land-based activities, the open seas will also see some improvements in version 1.1. Colony ships are a pricey but immensely useful new unit can travel unlimited distances to help you spread your influence across continents. However, there are limits and even dangers to be found on the water – pirates will now roam the seas, desperately seeking undefended colony ships just waiting to be plundered!

Alongside the new features, the update brings with it a host of other changes, bug fixes and improvements.

The extensive and free Siege & Conquest update brings lots of new features and content to the world of Grand Ages: Medieval. Cities can now be fortified with wood palisades and city walls to withstand attacks longer. Siege weapons have also been introduced which attackers can use to lay waste to the walls of enemy cities.

Another new feature is the Military Leader: If you capture an entire region, the regional military leader will join your ranks and fight for you. Grand Ages: Medieval now also features advanced battle options to command troops during battle.

Peaceful expansionists can make use of the new colony ships to found cities on distant shores. But beware! Pirates lurk at sea, waiting to loot defenseless ships! The free Siege & Conquest update also comes with numerous fixes and improvements.

New features:

  • Fortified cities: Build wood palisades and city walls to protect your cities against attacks!
  • Siege weapons: Have your trebuchet master build devastating siege weapons to tear down the walls of your enemies!
  • Military leader: Conquer entire regions to win the allegiance of their military leaders for your army!
  • Colony ships: Build colony ships to found new cities on distant shores.
  • Advanced battle options: You can now issue orders to units already engaged in battle!
  • Pirates: Pirates now wreak havoc at sea and loot unprotected ships.
  • Improvements: The main game has been updated, integrating a number of improvements.

The Limited Special Edition boxed version of Grand Ages: Medieval is available across Europe and Export territories now for £34.99/€39.99 for Windows PC and Worldwide via digital distribution for Windows PC and SteamOS at £29.99/€44.99/$39.99. A Windows PC version is also available via the Kalypso Launcher.

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