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Monday, November 23, 2015

Empires of Creation up-and-coming Sci-Fi themed sandbox game

Empires of Creation is an up-and-coming Sci-Fi themed sandbox game. Take on the role of a fleet leader and make your name in the galaxy and ultimately conquer it.

You'll have to utilise strategy planning of the empire you create and perfect reaction times in order to defeat your enemies in fast paced fleet to fleet combat.
After procedurally generating a spiral galaxy in Empires of Creation, you'll find yourself with nothing but potential and an AI that has no regard for life programmed to do whatever is required to conquer the galaxy.

Recruit ships from colony worlds, upgrade them to battle fleets, and eventually destroyers of the world! Expansion and hostility will find you involved in galactic warfare with entire empires in order to conquer the galaxy!



  • Persistent
  • Procedurally Generated (Fully customisable)
  • Interactive
  • Variable time acceleration


  • Capable of taking over the galaxy
  • Relation dependent decision making
  • Reactive AI
  • Player is able to create their own empire


  • Player is able to take control of any ship in their fleet at any-time
  • Completely Physics based
  • Slow down effects
  • Boosting and other abilities

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