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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
Patch 2.4.0 Fact Sheet - PC

Patch 2.4 brings even more exciting loot, content, and features to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. This robust update includes Greyhollow Island—a new zone complete with new events and monsters—and Set Dungeons, which will allow players to challenge themselves with custom dungeons designed for each of the 24 class sets.


New Zone: Discover Greyhollow Island: A mysterious and deadly island home to all manners of strange creatures.

Bonus Areas: Explore the Eternal Forest and the Royal Quarters—new bonus areas that were previously inaccessible to the heroes of Sanctuary.

Set Dungeons: Once you attain a six-piece set, complete objectives in these dungeons specifically designed to test your mastery, and earn unique rewards and achievements!

Empowered Rifts: Spend gold to gain a 4th bonus roll when successfully completing a Greater Rift.

Revamped Class Sets: Many existing sets have been improved, and four-piece class sets such as Might of the Earth and Thorns of the Invoker have had additional pieces added to bring them up to six pieces.

New Legendaries: Collect many new rare items of unprecedented power, including game-changing Legendaries across all classes.

Season Journey Updates (PC only): Complete the first four chapters of the Journey and you will be guaranteed all six pieces of one of your class sets. Get two at a time at three different points in the journey. Thrilling new conquests and awe-inspiring cosmetic rewards await!

Action Combat: The fun killstreak rewards from the Ultimate Evil Edition are coming to PC! This popular console feature provides giant massacre bonuses based on the number on monster kills you chain together.

New Kanai’s Cube Recipes (?): Psst! We will neither confirm nor deny that we’ve added a few extra-secret recipes to Kanai’s Cube. Where’s the toll-free Blizzard Hint Line when you need it?

Rebirth: Instantly reset and move a non-Seasonal character directly into the new Season.

More Stash Space: All PC players can buy a sixth stash tab for in-game gold. Earn an additional stash tab by completing the Season Journey for the next Season and do so in future Seasons as well to earn a maximum of ten tabs per account. Ultimate Evil Edition players will be able to buy additional stash space for gold, increasing their maximum capacity from 210 slots to 350 slots.

Buff UI Update: We’ve cleaned up the buff bar in multiple ways to make it easier to track which buffs you have active at any given moment.

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