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Monday, November 09, 2015

Creepy Road classic from-left-to-right 2D shooter with jokes and fun - PC Mac

Flint Truker wants to get home as soon as possible, his love is waiting for him. But the car got broken, way to home is blocked by thousands of creepy animals and mad men.

What is left to do? Take a shotgun and go thought it! The plan is to get to a gas station first and after to the city itself. Help Flint to discover what the hell is going on!

Creepy Road is an old-fashioned run-and-gun game about a brutal guy, truck-driver with a big gun, who is looking for his girlfriend.

On the way to her he met with crowds of crazy animals and people (not zombies!) and now somehow he needs to survive in the middle of this chaos and investigate what happened.

Key features:
1) classic from-left-to-right 2D shooter with jokes and fun;
2) No hidden overtones, pretty straightforward and brutal main character – Flint, the truck-driver!
3) Big gun, big cool bosses, big love (unexpectedly);
4) Secrets!

Game will be available in early 2016 on PC and Mac

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