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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ARK Thanksgiving Turkey Trailer - PC XO

Sleepless right into the Thanksgiving holidays, Studio Wildcard revealed today the “ARK: Turkey Trial” that gives ARK: Survival Evolved survivors the turkey-hunt of their lives!

A limited time Thanksgiving event running from today, Wednesday, November 25 through Tuesday, December 1, the ARK: Turkey Trial throws survivors into a large-scale scavenger hunt to find and, yes, carve up rare “Super-Turkeys” unleashed across the ARK. Yes, Super ARK Dino Turkeys are a thing; don’t you want one?!

For gamers dying to play the most remarkable, large-scale and ambitious dinosaur game ever created, head to the Steam Autumn Sale where ARK: Survival Evolved is now on discounted at 40% off: Wednesday, November 25 through Tuesday, December 1.

By harvesting sufficient Super Turkey Wishbones from these bloodthirsty, genetically-modified creatures, players can craft their very own stylish "Chieftain" Hat, or choose to summon the ‘god-like’ DodoRex creature to do their bidding for a limited period of time. So, go forth Survivors, and hunt down those Turkeys!

ARK: Survival Evolved will launch in June 2016 on Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program, PlayStation®4 with Project Morpheus support, and full release on Steam PC. The game is currently in Steam’s Early Access program and includes Oculus Rift VR support and an integration of Steam community features such as Steam Economy and Steam Workshop for custom maps and mods. Players can host private/LAN servers and have access to a custom-built version of the Unreal Engine 4 Editor for creating mods. The world of ARK is designed to be modder-friendly and ever-expanding!

To join our growing band of survivors, journey over to Steam to download the game.

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