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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

14 Fallout 4 Hints and Tips you need to know - PC PS4 XO

1 - Double charge your Laser Musket
You can actually double charge your Laser Musket by simply reloading a second time. Yes, double to power to don those enemies.

2 - Check out VANS Quest Trail Perk when there are no enemies
You can hold down 'Q' ('L1' PS4 or 'LB' XO) to enter VANS thus checking the VANS Quest Trail Perk route to next object.

3 - Drop your junk whenever you can
As soon as you see a workbench 'Press T' ('Y' on XO) ('triangle' on PS4) to drop your junk into the container. Don't worry, its not gone, it will be available at all workbench. And it frees up space to gather more.

4 - Peek around walls
When you're against a wall aim your sight down and you'll look round the corner and help you stay in cover.

5 - Using your torch
To turn on your torch in the dark wasteland activate your Pip-Boy and hold the TAB key (Circle on PS4 or B on XO) and your torch will illuminate!

6 - Watch the on-screen alert brackets
The brackets round on-screen alerts give vital information depending on how close they are to the word.
For example [ CAUTION ] is better than [CAUTION] and [ HIDDEN ] is better than [HIDDEN]
The further apart the brackets are the more hidden you are.

7 - Quicksave is your friend (most times)
Just two button presses will quicksave the game (and for once it is quick) do this often. You may clear a vault only to be killed and have to start again. But beware if you quicksave just as you're about to be killed you can get into a loop and have to restart from a previous save.

8 - Press E for enter
The PC version of Fallout 4 allows you to use 'E' rather than the Enter key. As the 'E' key is beside the WASD keys it speeds up your gameplay.

9 - Rest and pass the time
In Fallout 4 rather than pressing 'T' as in previous games. You need to sit down on a chair or bed and wait - Fallout 4 will ask you if you want to rest.

10 - How to mark components you're searching for
In the junk section press 'C' ('L1' PS4 or 'LB' XO) to access component view. You can tag items you want to search for The items you tagged will now be highlighted when your out searching.

11 - Using the WASD keys in Workshop and Dialogue menus
Normally you're force to use the arrow keys in workshop and dialogue menus, however if you use shift you can use the WASD keys to navigate also. You can also use 1 2 3 and 4 keys in a clockwise movement to navigate.

12 - Passage too narrow to get through?
Try rotating and then strafe and you can now access passages that were previously inaccessible.

13 - Two Workshop areas
You have access to two different workshop areas, Sanctuary and Red Rocket gas station but junk doesn't transfer from one to the other without you physically moving them. So choose one of locations and plan on fast traveling back.

14 - Dogmeat can carry your stuff
You can get dogmeat to carry item for you about 100 to 150 pounds but it will slow him down.

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