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Friday, October 16, 2015

World of Warships update premium ships abilites & advantages - PC

In Developer Diaries number 9 learn about the unique vessels that exist apart from the Tech Tree of the standard World of Warships fleet: Premium ships.

World of Warships update
For a vessel to attain this status, it must possess specific requirements that can be described in a single word: legendary. Premium warships are selected based on different aspects: it can be as famous as the German Tirpitz or have a distinguished service record like the Soviet Gremyashchy.
Premium ships all require original performance characteristics such as special designs or peculiar armaments that offer a new approach to the fight. With these characteristics in mind, explore how testers took to the first Premium ships featured in the game: Atlanta and Kitakami. Viewers will find out how the feedback from testers helped mold what these ships would become.

Finally, learn about the mechanics of Premium vessels: what they excel at, what advantages they bestow players and the ever-popular abilities to transfer experience earned and train crew.

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