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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Trouble With Robots card game & strategy - iOS Android

Think like Plants vs Zombies met Yu-Gi-Oh, and there you have, something similar.

Experience the fusion between a side-scrolling battle and a collectible card game on your phone! Apply direct damage, buff your allies, weaken your foes, or come up with your own battle plans as you earn even stronger cards!

The Trouble With Robots adventure takes you from the forest, surrounded by elves and centaurs, to the robot-ruled city as you fight alongside your magical companions for freedom - each level featuring unique art that captures the look and feel of the inhabitants as well as the world around them!

  • ADVENTURE through 26 storyline levels and 6 very difficult challenge levels
  • CUSTOMIZE your deck for each unique level
  • LAUGH with a full cast of hilarious and heartwarming characters
  • COLLECT over 40 cards consisting of creature summon, healing, strengthening, direct damage, and other spells
  • UNLOCK levels and modes to add a new experiences and tons of replay value
  • CONQUER challenges and reap the rewards

Gather your forces, because the Robots don't go down easy!

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