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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Duckforce Rises - Donald Duck and the Heroes of Duckburg - iOS

Donald Duck's new mobile adventure download released on iOS.

The Duckforce Rises - Donald Duck and the Heroes of Duckburg
Duckforce Rises feature the Duckburg characters is an adventure card battle strategy game.

You control the Duckburg Heroes including Donald who has an alter ego 'Phantom Duck' and 'Uncle Scrooge'. where you battle against the evil villians 'Magica De Spell', 'Valkyrie Duck' and the 'Beagle Boys' plus many more.

You can pick your team then fight against Disney enemies using cards to deal damage and heal characters. You can send your heroes into battle arenas including Dawson City, Streets of Duckburg and Mount Vesuvius.

Injured players can return to base and get help from Gyro Gearloose the healer who deploys revival portions.

You can upgrade using the Hero Manager using new cards and also unlock new characters and new adventures.

Duckforcr Rises sees Donald and others battle using strategic skills to rescue others characters from Duckburg and out of the hands of the dastardly villians.

The Duckforce Rises is available free-to-play as a download for iOS, iPhone and iPad in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Soon to be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch.

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