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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Super Mario Bros. Speedrun record - 4mins 57sec on a NES - video

Classic Super Mario Bros. platformer in 4 mins, 57 secs and 627 milliseconds on an actual NES console just 66 milliseconds fasted that the old record.

By: Darbian

He said, after he finished, "I could have shaved some time off in 4-2 - about 0.35 secs" He deliberately slowed down at the end of 8-3 as he wanted to avoid triggering the fireworks, this happens depending on what digit the timer ends on.

"These fireworks waste time," he said. "If I run to the flag without slowing down, the timer will end in a 3, so I must intentionally delay myself."

gameboyuk on YouTube over 77 million views #gamezplay