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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stella Glow: New Harbingers Hilda's Underlings - 3DS

Meet the Harbingers - Hilda's Underlings Who Are Trying to Save the World! Sometimes saving the world means getting rid of every living thing in it. 

But that can be a tough job, even for Hilda, Witch of Destruction. So what do you do? Get some underlings to help bring about the end of days. With a name like the Harbingers, how bad can they be?


First, there's Hilda's right-hand man, Dante. He's a master spearman with the type of smirk on his face that irresistibly needs beating up. Then there's Dorothy, the chainsaw-toting psycho who has an intense love of bunnies (love may be too strong a word; you probably don't want to know how she got that outfit...) and will go to great lengths to rip apart everyone who stands in her way.

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