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Saturday, October 10, 2015

StarDrive 2 first DLC Sector Zero for space atrategy game - PC Mac Linux

The DLC will bolster the epic turn-based 4x space strategy title with the following additional content and features:

StarDrive 2 latest DLC
Sectors mechanic. An entirely new way to visualize and conquer the galaxy. The concept of sectors reinvigorates the 4x’s of StarDrive 2. In the early-game exploration phase, Sectors provide short-term goals as the targets of your exploration. As you enter a sector for the first time, its secrets are revealed. You might find one of Sector Zero's new quest lines or events. You may find subspace anomalies, the wreckage from ancient battles, and many more new and exciting terrain features.

Deep Space Construction mechanics. These allow you to claim sectors for your empire and to exploit the resources found there. Build a Star Fortress at the edge of a wormhole to control the passage, or a mining base in a deep space field of precious metals. Every space station can be upgraded with multiple improvements to secure your territory.

Expanded Galaxy size, allowing galaxies up to 4 times larger than those available in the base StarDrive 2 game.

Dozens of new quests and events to continue to bring the lore of the StarDrive universe to life.
New technologies to research.

New Racial traits to further customize your experience.

Two new Victory Conditions: the scientific victory, and a story-based victory.

Also to coincide with the half year anniversary of the launch of StarDrive 2, publisher Iceberg Interactive will be offering a 50% discount on the title for 7 days from today October 9th, with the original StarDrive game also discounted to 75% off.

StarDrive 2 is a Turn-Based 4x Strategy game where the goal is to build an empire to span the stars. In StarDrive 2 you will explore a vibrant galaxy filled with danger and intrigue in a deep turn-based strategy layer. You will design custom spaceships and deploy them into real-time battles with spectacular graphics and effects. You’ll hire heroes to lead your forces as you conquer worlds, in turn-based tactical ground combat mode. StarDrive 2 is the 4x game that fans have been waiting years for.

Game Features:

  • Explore the galaxy, Expand your empire, Exploit the resources you find, and Exterminate your foes in a turn-based strategy layer, a real-time ship combat layer, and a turn-based tactical ground combat layer.
  • Design custom spaceships with hundreds of different ship modules to choose from. Create lumbering assault ships laden with weapons and armour, nimble point defence frigates, long-range cruisers and massive battleships filled with fighter bays.
  • Find and hire the many heroes in the game, and use them to explore the vast stories and intrigues hidden throughout the galaxy.
  • Encounter aliens, pirates, monsters, and ancient threats, most of whom will want to kill you, to benefit their own empires.
  • Play the special "Battle Arena" mode where you can get right to the action by designing ships and playing through story-based campaigns with your fleet. Earn money as you work through the challenges to unlock new ships and weapons.
  • Customize your race for a unique experience, engage in deep diplomatic negotiations, research hundreds of different technologies (or maybe steal them with your spies), control strategic resources for the benefit of your empire, enslave enemy citizens, build armies of giant mechs, and so much more.

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