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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Star Wars: Battlefront - Heroes vs Villains mode - PC PS4 XO

Heroes Vs. Villains is a game mode which features several intense rounds where iconic Star Wars characters–such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and several others who they’ve yet to announce–face off against the opposing side.

Star Wars: Battlefront - Heroes vs Villains mode
Three players from each team will spawn as specific heroes or villains, while the other three take on the role Rebel, or Imperial troops (depending on side), which makes it a 6v6 mode. The objective is to take the other team’s big three down, and as a result, have the most heroes or villains standing at the end of the round.

Dennis Brännvall- lead level designer says - “You’ll see some clearly defined paths here: the Empire’s characters will spawn outside the homestead while the Heroes will start off in the control room. Action will mainly take place in the main hangar where you’ll see a parked Millennium Falcon. The Imperial troops might find it hard to attack through the main entrance here but once they find the alternative paths, a great cat-and-mouse game will occur.”
Once a hero or villain is defeated, the player will spawn as a ground soldier, adapting to the new task of keeping the remaining two alive. As soon as this happens, it changes the dynamic of the fight. While being an infamous character is fun, the ground troopers shouldn’t be counted out. With the opposing team’s attention directed towards your powerful trio, it’s the perfect opportunity to strike.

It’s been great to observe the dynamic gameplay in early playtests of Heroes vs Villains. When the first Hero or Villain is defeated you’ll notice how that team adapts, staying away a bit and going for sniping shots instead. It’s also interesting when one team is down to their last Hero or Villain and the opponent has two or three left. The only way to win then is to attack, even though the odds are against you. You’ll see a lot of those thrilling rounds with action going on down to the wire.

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