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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scribbled Arena multiplayer shooter on PC

Scribbled Arena is a PC, topdown twin stick multiplayer shooter, with doodle art style. In the world of high definition games, enjoy a retro gaming experience. Camouflaged in this playful doodle art is a Theatre of war!

Apar Games is looking to get funded on Kickstarter to expedite the production. It aims to launch early access on steam in March 2016 or earlier. They have already got through Steam Greenlight in just six and a half days! The gameplay video depicts the multiplayer battle in doodled arena and awesome tanks to wreck your enemies into oblivion!

The main focus of the game is to be a multiplayer game. There are many old school multiplayer game modes, which will be playable with 9 other people. Get into a multiplayer and show everyone the superiority or dive into the single player to have a great arcade style experience.

Game Features

Hand Drawn Doodle Artwork!
A throwback to school days, where the doodles have now come to life.

• Real-time Cross-platform Multiplayer!
Be it Windows or Mac, you can play with your friends regardless of platform.

• Countless Customization Possibilities!
There are no bumpers or side-skirts in this game, but there are huge cannons and heavy armours that can disintegrate your opponent.

• Multiplayer modes:
1. Deathmatch: Destroy your enemy and dominate the battlegrounds
2. Team Deathmatch: Take up arms with your teammates and destroy the enemy team.
3. Free-for-all: Fight against all your opponents while they fight against themselves. You need to be the last tank standing.
4. Capture The Flag: Capture the enemy flag and survive the trip back to your base. While you do so don’t let enemy take your flag.
5. Domination: Capture and hold the strategic points in the map for your team.
6. King of the hill: Hold the hill for the longest time in the game while defending it from your enemies.
7. Search & Destroy: Take the bomb, plant it and detonate it in the enemy stronghold
8. Assassination: Escort the VIP in your team unharmed to extraction zone.
9. Bounty hunter: You are a bounty hunter! Shoot first, don’t ask questions!

Kickstarter Campaign:

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