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Friday, October 16, 2015

No escape from Tax man in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt to stop exploits

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt infinite money exploits using cow hides and pearls has already been a target for CD Projekt Red. Now anyone who made their money using get rich quick exploits are being approached by a new Tax man who want players to pay up.

Tax man encounter in The Witcher 3
A video of this Tax man encounter has already appeared on YouTube. In the Hearts of Stone mission the Deputy Tax Enumerator will approach and discuss the Hides and Pearls Tax...

The following questions will be asked:

"Have you at any time engaged in the wholesale trade of rawhide in the White Orchard area?"

"During the current fiscal year, have you engaged in the acquisition of bivalves with the express intention of selling the pearls therein?"

And the punishment:
"Whoever purchases goods at an unseemly low price to take advantage of the seller's ignorance shall be subject to a fine equaling 200 percent of the earnings from any such transaction."

You can pay up or shut up. If you deny doing anything wrong you'll be given a Taxpayer in good standing diploma.

The Cowhide exploit worked like this.
When you killed cows and collecting their hides you quickly discovered that if they mediated for a period of time, cows in one early area of the game would respawn every time they woke up. Thus, players could stock up on cow hides to their heart's content and then sell them for a nice fee. This was addressed with the Bovine Defense Force Initiative with a hulking, ultra-powerful nasty monster who killed players who tryed to cash in.

The latest expansion Hearts of Stone arrived this week with Blood and Wine expansion coming early next year.

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