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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nintendo release The Encyclopedia of Super Mario Bros. just in Japan, for now

To celebrate Mario 30th anniversary Nintendo have released and Encyclopedia of Super Mario Bros.

The Encyclopedia of Super Mario Bros
All of Mario is known of the ultimate "Mario Encyclopedia" of 1985 from the "Super Mario Brothers" to "Super Mario 3D World" in 2013, all 17 titles of the player character, the enemy character, stage, items, a gimmick, a graphic From all including.

Covering all 17 main titles in the series, this volume is absolutely packed to bursting with developer interviews, original art, explanations of level designs, famous glitches, and much more.

Of course, the power-up form of the player character is also covered. In addition, for each title, we've recorded to various Useful techniques from familiar scenes.

Available on Amazon Japan here -

At the end, the "chronology" also included in the 30 years that was covering the title that Mario was involved.

Each work I have summarized in chronological order. The Intro, Nintendo also messages about the time and "Super Mario Maker" from Takashi Tezuka's "Super Mario" series in charge of me. The long-awaited "Mario" fan, is "Super Mario Brothers" 30th Anniversary "ultimate database".

From "Super Mario Brothers" in the family computer to "Super Mario 3D World" of the Wii U, you will see all Mario "starring" work 17 title. Such as the familiar and "continuous 1UP," "goal Paul beyond technique," "wall missing skills", also nostalgic topic if fans packed. "Mario" grew up father-mother in the series, and, children are playing in the most recent "Super Mario Maker" ....

This is one book that should be read to you.

  • 255 pages
  • Shogakukan is the Publisher
  • Japanese is the language
  • ISBN-10: 4091065694
  • ISBN-13: 978-4091065698
  • Size 25.6 x 18.2 x 2cm

A review - 

First Tezuka producer of the message is four pages, then Mario manufacturer of referral 4 page.
The last in the list of titles that entwined Mario is 20 pages a little less.

Out of the total 256 pages, other than this has been devoted to the introduction of almost all series work.

(In addition to the cover and colophon, since or have caught column in between was expressed as all "almost") Marie manufacturer of introduction but I think the number manner little promotional ones page, specific elements of each skin You can not put the to we hold the surprisingly pot. Fine place it is likely to capture this waiting that would leave the future but, capture information until now, we did not look too much, how to obtain the builder Mario became a reference. Series operation introduction of the subject that becomes the main subject 17 works of Mario 30th anniversary campaign looks good Given the action works stick to basically "Super Mario" title.

Each work, but there is a page of the first summary introduction, not only text information package and instructions, the place is nice to photograph such as a ROM cassette has been published. Player characters and power up every work, enemy character, for items and tackle all photos

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