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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mutants on Mars.... Subterrain hits Steam Plus steam key

Subterrain is an uncompromising Sci-Fi survival on Mars! By 2050, humanity has finally colonized Mars.

The city and all its supporting facilities are buried deep down, safe from the inhospitable climate of the surface. You will fill the shoes of Dr. West, the apparent lone survivor. Do what you must to fight, survive, escape, or otherwise, among limited resources and relentless enemies. Discover a vast open world and randomly generated levels! Can you survive long enough to escape the horror?

  • Survival needs such as Thirst, Hunger, Sleeping and Pissing.
  • Beware of conditions like Contamination, Bleeding, Fractures, Exhaustion, and Hypothermia.
  • Scavenge and research to produce medicines and cures.

  • Melee weapons and Ranged weapons.
  • Customizable modular leveling system for ranged weapons.
  • Time dependent world infection simulation. The world does not wait for you.
  • Biological cycle for mobs means they will evolve over time.
  • Mobs will invade your base! Defend the power generator at all cost.

  • Recycle everything into components.
  • Mine and farm rare resources and then refine them.
  • Gain access to advanced items through research.
  • Use 3D printer and Bio combiner to produce items.

  • Explore randomly generated sub levels.
  • Location based non-linear story telling.
  • Open world and freedom to choose where to go next.
  • Restore the colony’s habitability by repairing temperature and oxygen generators.
  • Find the clues to escape the horror!

First person to email me at will be emailed the steam key

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