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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Master of Orion game trailer

Every legend has a beginning. Over 20 years ago, the title that would eventually grow to be Master of Orion was being conceived.

Master of Orion
In the second installment of WG Labs’ series of Master of Orion Dev Diaries, members of the original team relate the days of Master of Orion’s early inception and the humble origins of the game that would both create and define the 4X gameplay genre.

In this installment, the key players in the series recount the tale of how Master of Orion was initially developed. Learn how this inspired team of producers, designers, and composers first came together and united for a single purpose. From the early days of working out of their living rooms, this lean team with a limited budget nurtured Master of Orion to create what would become one of the most definitive PC games in history.

Master of Orion is a modern rebirth of the critically acclaimed sci-fi strategy game. The forerunner of the influential 4X style, Master of Orion builds on the iconic explore, expand, exploit and exterminate gameplay that the original game pioneered. This reimagined title stays true to its legacy, delivering on the promise of deep strategy, hard fought battles, diplomacy, and exploration—all with a healthy dash of humor.

Players can expect a fresh set of unique races, each offering different styles of play, thousands of ever-changing galaxies to discover, hundreds of unique technologies, dozens of ships waiting to be tested and a variety of structures to aid in their galactic conquests.

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