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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

MapleStory comes to mobile with Pocket MapleStory - iOS Android PC

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) MapleStory has been transformed into an all-new mobile experience releases Pocket MapleStory for Android devices.

Available now, the side-scrolling action that fans have adored for more than 10 years on the PC now gives players the chance to explore the vast and colourful universe of Maple World on mobile devices.

Pocket MapleStory has already garnered more than seven million downloads in Asia and has been the number one free game on both the App Store and Google Play in Korea and Taiwan. The game also ranked first and second in the free game category on the App Store in China and Japan respectively.

As the definitive MapleStory mobile version of the popular PC game, players have a complete MMORPG experience with more than 1,500 different quests and real-time online multiplayer action. The game also features bright and colourful art and graphics, immersing players back into the original world of the PC game. Pocket MapleStory also features:
  • Three different heroes: Dual Blade, Angelic Buster and Demon Slayer. Each has its own unique skills and fighting styles; (more characters to be added progressively in the future)
  • Friendly rivalries with the Dungeon and Guild system to cooperate & compete real-time with friends online
  • Deep personalization of characters and items
  • User-friendly customization of game controls
  • Bright and colourful graphics reminiscent of the original PC game.
In honor of the worldwide launch, there will be two launch events for fans to earn additional in-game rewards. The Guild Shot Event invites guilds, with at least 10 members, to post an in-game shot on Facebook for a chance for three lucky guilds to win 2,000 in-game candy currency for each member of the guild. The Boss Master Event gives three players a chance to win 3,000 in-game candy currency. In the Boss Master Event, Players must defeat the first boss monster and share their tales on Facebook for a chance to win.

Pocket MapleStory is now available for free download via mobile device from Google Play and the iOS App Store soon.

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