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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hover Revolt update: E-Cop Prison now on Steam - PC

Do you see the giant E-Cop Tower? The entrance to the prison is located right below. After you finished his missions, Otello will wait you in front of the exterior entrance and ask you to investigate about missing citizens.

Charles built the Prison as a complex with many chambers and halls, filled with cameras, lasers, movement detection floors etc…
More than ever in Hover, a great sense of observation and a tremendous amount of agility (and insouciance ^^’) will be required! Don’t run on the movement detection floors or a Secubox will chase you. Keep in mind that you can “walk” silently by crouching.

Starting from this update, the DNA-Kit of the E-Cop is unlockable by finding it in this stage. You will also find in the Prison some new lost gamegirls or some usefull backstory informations, so keep looking around between 2 traps. Who knows, maybe you will meet a citizen who needs your help….

This special stage proposes a pretty high challenge. You’d better train your walljumps and slides under the cameras in the city before entering the area!

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