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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Facebook may shut down Candy Crush Saga game invites and more...

The number of complaints over Candy Crush Saga bombardment of game invites has Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowing to take action.

Facebook Candy Crush Saga and Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook set up a public vote to see what users wanted to change with Facebook and the top voted question was:-
"I seriously don't want any more invitations to Candy Crush Saga - how can I stop getting them?"
Prompting Mark Zuckerberg to say in Delhi on Wednesday:-
"There are some tools that are kind of outdated that allow people to send invitations to people who have never used a game, and have a gotten a lot of invitations in the past, but don't play games on Facebook we hadn't prioritised shutting that down, but if this is the top thing that people care about, then we'll prioritise that and we'll do it."
Facebook are now changing the process of notifications and making sure they are more targeted.

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