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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Experience the Adventurous Life of an RPG Shopkeeper in Shop Heroes - iOS Android Facebook

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of life the shopkeeper lives in a fantasy RPG, then wonder no more. Embark on a journey to become the best shopkeeper in the kingdom of Aragonia in Shop Heroes, a fantasy RPG shop simulator developed by cloudcade now available for FREE on iOS, Android and Facebook.

Shop Heroes - friends
Shop Heroes takes four major features and seamlessly ties them together for a fun experience that can be played for a few minutes at a time or – more frequently – several hours on end.

Shop Heroes - craft items

Features include:

  • Crafting of over 550 epic items across more than 35 levels of content with the help of specialized workers
  • Collaborating with friends to upgrade and unlock new buildings for more resources and content
  • Equipping Heroes and sending them on challenging quests to earn epic loot including chests, new blueprints, rare items and resources
  • Buying and selling of crafted items to other players in a real-time, market driven in-game trade system

Shop Heroes - Shops

Shop Heroes is FREE to download and play on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Facebook.

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