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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween hidden object game info, screenshots & trailer - PC

The pumpkin is omnipresent for Halloween - as jack o lantern in the entrance, in the soup, as decoration in every other storefront or costumes to candy begging in his own front door. Since it is hardly surprising that shortly before the Ghost Festival, the first Halloween pumpkin appears to play.

Evil Pumpkin: The Lost Halloween hidden object game
Evil Pumpkin - The Lost Halloween is the PC-game in which search the male and female players in spooktacular backgrounds for hidden objects and along the way unraveled a detective story with funny characters.
When the moonlight shines into the window by drought branches and suddenly appears a talking owl on the ledge, it is clear that magic in this adventure plays a role.

Thus, ordinary household items sometimes more skills than you look at them at first glance. For beginners is recommended in Halloween Hidden Object Adventure of casual mode, because here, the game features more puzzle help and tips as in Adventure mode. The ornate backgrounds around a herbstliches mansion offer around ten hours relaxing puzzle pleasure. And a good reason to turn off the bell and to spend your Halloween this year in peace.

  • Exciting Halloween Adventure
  • Around ten Playing time
  • Highly detailed Hidden Object scenes
  • Heraufordernde puzzle and riddles
  • Numerous adventure elements
  • Varied mini-games
  • Many funny dialogues and oblique Characters
  • High-quality graphics and eerily beautiful soundscape

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