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Saturday, October 17, 2015

DeltaZeal vertical shooter classic arcade game - PC

An homage to classic arcade games, DeltaZeal thrills with tense shooting action, crisp sprite graphics, and explosive sound.

DeltaZeal vertical shooter classic arcade game
Deltazeal joins XIIZeal, which was released in June, to complete the “Shooting Love Anniversary” compilation on Steam. Originally released for the arcade in 2002, these are the inspiration point for all Triangle Service shooting games.

Deltazeal features an original system of 10 power up slots which you can fill with any combination of wide shot, concentrated laser, or defensive auto guided missiles upgrades. Mixing power ups provides greater versatility, but at the expense of raw power, so the player will need to choose the best balance for their playstyle. Depending on the player’s route, secret enemies can appear, and there are also branching stage paths, so every playthrough can bring about new discoveries. In all, there are 9 stages of pure pixelated mecha shooting - the quintessential classic arcade experience.

In addition to the main Deltazeal release, we are also releasing the soundtracks for both Deltazeal and XIIZeal as a DLC. Finally, a special compilation called “Shooting Love Anniversary Edition -XIIZeal & Deltazeal -” will be released, which includes Deltazeal, XIIZeal, and both soundtracks all in one pack.

Game Features:

  • Customizable power up system that balances versatility against raw power.
  • The medal chaining system gives a great challenge to score chaser. Use the Void Bomb to get a medal cascade.
  • Beautifully detailed pixel graphics reminiscent of 90’s arcade games. Multi-part bosses can be destroyed piece by piece.
  • Branching stage options, secret routes, and hidden enemies add variety to each Arcade run. There are 9 stages in all.
  • Global leaderboards and sharable replays to encourage competitive play.

  • Customize your weapon loadout by combining multiple weapon types, or focus on one weapon type to get the strongest effect!
  • The metal chaining system rewards skilled players with additional challenge. Charge up the Void Bomb weapon for a cascade of points!
  • Highly detailed pixel graphics. Blast the hordes of tanks, planes, and ships and watch the debris go flying!
  • Modular boss enemies with multiple attack phases and lots of parts to destroy!
  • Practice individual stages in Score Attack Mode, or play the stages continuously in Arcade Mode. There are 9 stages in all!
  • Branching stage options, secret routes, and hidden enemies add variety to each Arcade run.
  • Adjustable difficulty settings to support all levels of player skill.
  • Branching stage options, secret routes, and hidden enemies add variety to each Arcade run.
  • Support for picture rotation and vertical aspect displays - play in an authentic arcade format and get a larger picture!
  • Fight your way to the top of the global leaderboards! High scores are tracked for both Arcade Mode and Score Attack.
  • Use the replay function to share your best games with friends, or devise a better strategy.
  • Steam achievements and trading cards are supported.

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