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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alien: Isolation - The Collection includes the base game for Alien: Isolation as well as all the DLC - PC Mac Linux PS4 XO

Now, I'm not saying that NASA's recent-ish discovery of evidence of liquid water on Mars is an indication that it's actually Xenomorph Prime, but I'm not NOT saying that either.

So while NASA's discovery did not say whether or not a xenomorph invasion of Earth is underway, we're going to go ahead and assume it's inevitable. Fortunately for you, the first-person shooter Alien: Isolation is an excellent primer in xenomorph survival in an all-encompassing version called Alien: Isolation - The Collection, which includes the game and all previously released DLC.
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Alien: Isolation - The Collection will feature the main game in addition to all previously released DLC, including two standalone missions set aboard the Nostromo, where players can relive some of the terrifying moments from the original Alien film, playing as original protagonist, Ellen Ripley and members of her crew. The Collection also includes five mission packs that add new maps, playable characters and challenges to Survivor and Salvage modes. This is the perfect opportunity for those yet to experience the chilling atmosphere of Alien: Isolation, with its 50-plus game of the year nominations and its recent induction (at No. 19) into PC Gamer's top 100 PC games of all time, to grab one of the most talked about survival horror games of 2014.

Play as Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, as you seek to uncover the truth behind your mother's disappearance. Marooned aboard the stricken space station, Sevastapol, along with a few desperate survivors, players must stay out of sight, scavenge for resources and use their wits not survive a host of threats, especially the ever-present and deadly Alien.

Plus, beginning today, the price will drop for the Alien: Isolation base game for all consoles.

Here's a quick run-down:
Alien: Isolation - The Collection
Xbox One - $39.99
PlayStation 4 - $39.99
Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) - $59.99

Alien: Isolation
Xbox One - $29.99
Xbox 360 - $29.99
PlayStation 4 - $29.99
PlayStation 3 - $29.99

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