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Thursday, October 08, 2015

3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and SEGA Hardware Themes Now Available for 3DS!

Seriously though, that Casino Night Zone music is some of the best from the 16-bit era, not to mention Super Sonic, the new special stages, and everything else that elevated Sonic the Hedgehog from "series" to "legend."
Sega Genesis on a Nintendo 3DS
A recap of porting Sonic 2 to 3D is here once again in this translated interview with Yosuke Okunari, producer, SEGA Games, and Naoki Horii, president, M2.

But are you ready for more? Because today also marks the launch of the SEGA legacy hardware themes for Nintendo 3DS! The Genesis theme (which, by the way, every time you start a program on the 3DS, plays the "SeeeeGaaaaa!" startup noise) and the Game Gear theme are both available beginning today, with the rest of the hardware rolling out over the next couple of months -- culminating with the Dreamcast theme. Each theme will be $1.99. Though currently unavailable, the themes will be coming to Europe; details on EU release schedule will come soon.

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