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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Stella Glow arrives in Stores on November 17 Launch Edition Premiums - 3DS

Now that September is half over, (wait, really? More days in the week plz) we are ready to reveal the premium items that players will receive with their pre-orders and a limited number of launch day copies for Stella Glow.

The Launch Edition Premiums! The upcoming strategy RPG is slated for a Nov. 17 release, and here's what you will get inside!

Hilda's Crystal Garden Cloth Poster - This is a large poster made of cloth (so it won't permanently crease by being folded in the package!) that features the striking image of Hilda, the Witch of Destruction posing with her scythe atop a seat of crystals.

Bubu Flexi-Charm - Bubu is the pet pig of the Witch Popo, and hopefully by now you've insinuated that it's super cute (because it is!). The charm is soft vinyl and since Bubu is such a loyal companion, the charm can be attached to whatever needs more piggy goodness. Oh, and it's a real porker too at approximately 3" x 3".

"Song Magic" CD - This is a 5-song disc featuring the vocal themes of the five Witches. The CD will arrive in a separate sleeve featuring artwork from the Witch Tuning sequences from the game.

Collectible Outer Box - Similar to what we did with The Legend of Legacy, all the aforementioned premiums will be included in a large outer box. We didn't just reuse the 3DS game cover either -- the outer box is a new design featuring the protagonist, Alto, and the five Witches. Lisette on the spine of the box is a nice touch, and I once again salute our designers for putting together such a great-looking package.

All those items come in addition to the actual Stella Glow game (wait, it comes with a game too? What a bargain!), which features over 60 hours of strategy RPG goodness. Again, these premiums will ONLY come with pre-orders and a limited number of launch-day copies, and we're deciding that quantity fairly soon, so don't dilly-dally!

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