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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Squad alpha starts on September 26th - PC

Offworld Industries, the Development Studio behind Squad, is pleased to announce that the Closed Alpha for Squad is to commence on Saturday September 26th.

Early Kickstarter backers and others who prepurchased the game should expect their keys by the 24th, with a preload download link to be made public on Friday the 25th.

The development team has seen vast improvements in the framerates, stability, foliage, audio, UI and inventory systems since the release of the Closed Pre-Alpha in July, with the updates to the Unreal Engine 4.9 bringing to the table the ability to gain back more frames through instancing with the single UE engine update than at any other time in the development of Squad.

Squad is a culmination of a decade of modding experience
Squad is a PC exclusive 100 player PvP tactical shooter with emphasis on teamwork and strategy where 15+ roles will collaborate in basebuilding, combined arms warfare with infantry armor and air assets, inside unique and emergent multiple objectives gamemodes where maintaining logistic routes, spawn points and bases, maintaining control of objectives, and conquering enemy bases and objectives allows for a level of replayability not seen in arcade tactical shooters up until this point.

The game consists currently of US and Insurgent forces, with Russian and UK forces coming soon and maps across several theaters of war from the near past to the near future. Expect to find the full compliment of US and Russian weaponry and vehicles and asymmetrical weapons and vehicle equivalents in the Insurgents forces, many which are being revealed in the coming months of Closed Alpha.

The game has ballistics, bullet drop, base building, over a dozen kits, real time shadows with dawn dusk and night maps, realistic weapon and vehicle models, realistic maps based on satellite terrain data and photos and videos provided by combat vets who did tours in the region, a medic system that has no magic epipens and no magic medic bags, an audio system that allows for proper bullet cracks and whizzes. The developers through their decade of modding have moved several time tested game modes to Squad, there will be conventional vs conventional warfare where the US and Russia duke it out, but also asymmetrical warfare modes with conventional vs insurgent game modes with weapon cache search and destroy missions and firebase defense missions.


  • New Medic and Revive system, the third iteration of our medical system as we approach something closer to the long term goal of making the squad medic a crucial and thrilling role in game.
  • New UI in game, new map marker system, new kit selection screens, new map icon and indicator system.
  • New Sounds for M4, M249, AK-74, and RPKs. New sounds for Rocket flybys. New heartbeat, breathing and gasping sounds for stamina levels and injured states. New footstep and environmental sounds for CQC combat awareness.
  • New menu music by Alkali.
  • Changed inventory system, added magazine counting system. Ammo is now saved and sorted allowing a much more complex mag/ammo layout.
  • Added new Kohat Toi map layer and new area along south river.
  • Updated Kohat Toi and Logar Valley with “Foliage 2.0”.
  • Updated Logar Night map layer.

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