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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pool Nation FX - PC

Welcome to the world of Pool Nation FX, you are a Trainee with your whole Pool Career ahead of you; and with just $2000 in your pocket you must play, compete and win to climb the ranks and earn the money required to compete in the big leagues.

Starting out at the bottom isn’t easy, but you will learn the necessary skills required to become the Pool King along the way. Every match is training towards your end goal, every coin earned helps you unlock your true potential and a lot of collectable items to parade along the way.

God speed gamer, the journey may be long, but the cause is just.

New Additions to Pool Nation FX:
Snooker Career:
The all new Snooker Career, much like the Pool Career, spans 6 stages, across 6 countries, starting in Hawaii and ending in New York as you battle it out to be crowned champion of the Pool Nation FX Snooker Championship. Every player must complete the qualifying matches to be entered into round one of each stage of the career; there you will receive your fixtures for that round, to continue you must win your match. The prize fund available depends on the difficulty level you set your challenge at, the harder the challenge the higher the stake.

Customise your Rules:
In Pool Nation FX you can ‘play it your way’ by that we mean you can customise your rule sets. Starting with a base rule set, including but not limited to: 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Killer, Speed, Snooker, 3 Ball, you can then amend the standard rules to suit your style, for example; to add a foul on Jump shots, no free ball, two shot carry… however you play pool you can play it your way in Pool Nation FX.

Online Leagues:
The Online Leagues are a great addition to the upcoming Pool Hall experience of Pool Nation FX. Here you all enter at the same level; starting at League 10 and working up to League 1. You are awarded points for wins and nothing for a loss. To get promoted to the next level you must reach the points required in that League, within a designated number of matches, as you climb the ladder it will require more points to get promoted. But be warned Play with Skill for fear of relegation.

Play for Cash
This coin based game, is quick and fun, you search for the game time and the prize fund up for grabs, both players enter the match with the same prize fund which then goes into the pot – winner takes all! Prizes range from $25 to $100,000, however the higher levels are locked until you are worthy to play in the big leagues, to prove your worth just get your player level up.

Player level and XP Points:
Also new to Pool Nation FX is the notion that you are starting out in your pool career with the aim to become a pro, where the Trainee becomes the master by simply raising your player level. Every Player starts out at Trainee Level 1; to level up you just have to play the game to earn XP points. Each match is awarded with XP if you win you get more than if you lose.

Daily Challenge & Trickshot Challenge:
The idea behind this is that you are rewarded for coming back to play with the opportunity to win free coins! There are two daily challenges available which unlock every 24 hours. The first is a game of 3 ball, you get 4 shots and 3 balls, pot all 3 to win the full prize fund available, the prize fund varies daily but can be up to $1,000,000! The second is a trickshot challenge, you will be faced with a designated number of balls to pot, number of objects to use and a points total to reach, and once you have achieved the relevant targets the challenge is complete. Points are awarded for using objects and potting balls, the more you use the bigger the multipliers, and points mean prizes -the more points you earn the higher your prize fund will be.

Collecting is fun:
You compete to win, raise your profile and also your in game bank balance, but where do you spend it? There are cues, balls, decals, celebrations, locations and trickshot objects to spend your hard earned cash on. Your collection is yours to use, and there is a one stop shop in game to see what you’ve unlocked and what’s left to collect.

…and there is more to come!
Pool Nation FX coming to Early Access 28th September 2015

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