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Friday, September 18, 2015

Open Beta of Winterfrost Legacy

Winterfrost Legacy is a title like no other in the R2Games library. With its own unique take on the classic fantasy genre, Winterfrost Legacy focuses on the strategic aspects of battle - with easy-to-learn, yet challenging, hands-on gameplay.

Players will be drawn in by no less than 8 engaging and versatile game modes, paired with thrilling and dramatic campaign adventures. Featuring constant progression, a deep mercenary system, quests, bosses, loot, and much more, Winterfrost Legacy sets itself up to be the perfect title for all fans of the fantasy genre.

R2Games invites all fantasy game enthusiasts to discover Winterfrost Legacy and gain a head-start, as R2Games officially launches their latest browser MMORPG. Needless to say that with the release of the open beta, there won’t be any further character wipes, so players can enjoy their progress without interruption.

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