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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Kill Me Again new action horror/puzzle/RPG - iOS Android

Kill Me Again offers one-of-a-kind gameplay that will challenge gamers to perform cascading combos and chain skills in this free-form puzzle gameplay while destroying the toxic beasts that crawl out of the darkness.

Listen to the inhuman sounds of bones cracking against shotgun shells as any one of the three distinct character classes - the Hit Woman, Advanced Soldier or Researcher. Get your heart-pumping as you blast the zombies away and save the survivors who are too paralyzed with fear to run.

Kill Me Again Features:

  • Free puzzle block movement enables player to execute several matches in one move – providing for a much more in-depth matching system than players have seen before.
  • There are no set turns when battling swarms of the undead. Be quick and plan your attacks in real-time or you’ll soon be overwhelmed!
  • Listen to the barrage of gunfire from the mercs on the barricades and the swelling cacophony of groans and screams in this terrifying thriller.
  • RPG elements allow players to craft hundreds of hardcore weaponry with runic and scientific enhancements, designed to disable and destroy the mutant monsters.
  • Kill Me Again will be available for free on the App Store and Google Play Thursday, September 24.

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