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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Attack on Titan Freash news and pictures

Attack on Titan The battle begins
Fresh news and pictures of the stage shows with Omega Forces exciting new action title based on the world famous anime hit "Attack on Titan." During the presentation came Hisashi Koinuma, President of Tecmo Koei Games and head of the "Attack on Titan" development, on the stage. He explained the direction of the project and showed the first ingame scenes and some playable characters.
The exclusively for the Tokyo Game Show recorded video included a small but well aufgenomme gameplay action sequence that showed Eren, the protagonist of the anime and manga -Story. Eren rehearses his attacks in a training fight with his childhood friend Armin before he tried his 3D maneuvers equipment only at the crossing of the city and then to a life-sized titanium model. After that, the fans in Tokyo had the opportunity to Eren and his group for the first time in the fight against a group of Titans to see who attacked the inner walls of their city. The presentation, which took place next to a huge titanium head, ended with the new trailer, the the gloomy and claustrophobic atmosphere of the new, yet to be named title brings across, which is currently scheduled for a European release 2016th

Attack on Titan To the front

Attack on Titan the fighting begins

Attack on Titan Walled town

Attack on Titan Fight

Attack on Titan The wall outside

Attack on Titan The wall

Attack on Titan skyline

Attack on Titan rooftop

Attack on Titan meeting

Attack on Titan Flying

Attack on Titan the battle begins

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