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Saturday, August 15, 2015

BUD (Botanical. Utility. Droid) a robot on a mission to find the Star Plant and save his planet - PS4

In Grow Home, players are free to explore the strange, open world full of floating islands, majestic caves and waterfalls, all set in a beautiful and minimalist artistic style.

In Grow Home you play B.U.D (Botanical. Utility. Droid), a robot on a mission to find the Star
Plant and save his planet.

Discover a strange open-world: a planet of floating islands, with precipitous drops, caves
and waterfalls to navigate, all rendered in a minimalist but beautiful art style.
Grow the giant Star Plant and use your unique climbing abilities to reach ever higher
ground, but be careful as you ascend because one wrong move and it’s a long way down!

Climbing: The world of Grow Home is built for vertical exploration, but do you have
what it takes to get to the top?

Control B.U.D.’s hands independently to grab onto any surface and grow the Star Plant
in any direction. As you gain altitude, you’ll soon be rapt in the beauty of the tranquil

Your quest will form the Star Plant into a towering organic sculpture, reshaping the very
planet you explore.

Exploration: The world is your playground.

There are no set paths in Grow Home: you’re free to explore the diverse biomes, hidden
caves and many micro islands of this open world. Every island you encounter is scattered
with hidden gems to power your journey and expand your abilities.

Use the Star Plant and your climbing abilities to explore the world thoroughly, interact
with the local plants and wildlife or just take some time to enjoy the majestic landscape
you create as you make your way up, ever further….

Irreverent style: Grow Home blends a distinctive visual identity and a humorous tone to
create a fresh experience.

Whether it’s B.U.D.’s charming, procedurally generated animation, the poetic style of
landscapes or the cuteness of the creatures, there’s a peaceful, naive vibe about Grow
Home that makes it utterly unique.

Players take on the role of BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), an excitable, child-like robot sent on a mission to search the galaxy for a new species of plant that can oxygenate his home world. By growing and directing the giant Star Plant into a towering organic sculpture, players reshape the planet and create a magnificent landscape that lets them climb to new heights. The game’s unique climbing controls and abilities challenge players to continually reach for higher ground, but one wrong move and it’s a long way down!

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