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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

World of Tanks Blitz Update 1.11 Released Latest update brings even more legendary British, American, German and Soviet tanks

Available for Android and Apple devices today, World of Tanks Blitz update 1.11 brings tankers a new British and American tank, three new Soviet and German tanks, and Missions for Gold.

The British Churchill Gun Carrier, a Tier 6 tank destroyer dubbed Frankenstein with a sniper rifle, possesses a high rate of fire and alpha damage. The M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, a Tier 6 American medium tank, has very resilient frontal armor and an extremely strong turret.

The three Soviet additions start with the KV-2, a Tier 6 heavy tank, great for firing HE ammo and can keep moving thanks to its robust tracks. The KV-13, a Tier 7 medium tank, has a high rate of fire and effective armor for its tier. The Object 140, a Tier 10 medium tank, has insane damage-per-minute and superb agility.

Finally, three German medium tanks join the mobile fray. The Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A, a Tier 3, has received some major armor upgrades and is a sturdy all-rounder for lower tier battles. The Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D, a Tier 4, is great for players who want to step up their game and head into more serious battles. The Jagdpanther II, a Tier 8 tank destroyer, is a complete tank in itself: it’s fast, well-armed and has a fantastic turning circle.

Finally, a new type of mission will be added to the Personal Missions rotation: Art of War, which will pop up in Mission Slots and will reward players in Gold.

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