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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Total War: Warhammer - Karl Franz of the Empire in engine HD trailer

Cinematic trailers rendered in-engine, that will introduce the Legendary Lords of Total War: WARHAMMER. These renowned characters from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world can be selected in-game to lead the charge of conquest.

Each has a unique range of special abilities, weapons, armour, mounts and their own distinct narrative quest chain. In this trailer we meet Emperor Karl Franz, the revered leader of the Empire, as he rallies his army of men and deadly imperial artillery in a famed battle against a ravening horde of ferocious Greenskins.

 The Battle of Black Fire Pass is one of Karl Franz’ unique quest battles in Total War: WARHAMMER, and also formed the basis for this year’s E3 demo. In-engine Cinematic The video uses Development in Progress in-game assets and code as a basis for a video shot with cinematic camera techniques to create movie-like footage.

This is representative of the themes and general look and feel of the game, but it is not the direct in-game experience you will get when you are physically playing the final game.

In-game Cinematic This is the same as an ‘In-engine Cinematic’ except you can expect to see the vast majority (if not all) of the footage appear in the final game as an in-game movie, such as a intro or win movie for example. Cinematic Trailer This is a video that doesn’t use the game engine to produce its visuals.

They might use some game assets like models and audio to contribute to the making of them, but for the avoidance of doubt, please assume that nothing you are seeing is from the game itself.

These are typically CGI or Live Action trailers and videos, and will be otherwise very apparent.

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