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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Corruption! Capitalism! Gremlins! game

Gremlins, Inc. the video game is a digital board game for two to six players as they take on the role of a corrupt capitalist gremlin, a scheming microscopic creature living inside a tiny Steampunk world, competing for money, political power and prestige using a deck of 150 cards to move and to carry out various actions such as earning and stealing resources, setting traps, collecting bribes and gambling.

Gremlins can also employ PR firms that are ready to spin any lie and arrange the arrests of their competitors. (We would just like to say for the record that Johnny Atom has never had anyone arrested!)

Gremlins, Inc. the card game consists of a deck of 129 richly illustrated cards used by two to six players to build their own projects and sabotage the projects of their competitors with the aim of earning the highest prestige score. While the card game is set in the world of Gremlins, Inc. and borrows its visuals from the video game, it offers original card-specific game mechanics and does not require ownership or familiarity with the videogame. However, for anyone that does play both games, it will deliver a diverse playing experience across both platforms.

The first card game project for everyone at Charlie Oscar, Gremlins, Inc. the card game will be released through Amazon as well as via direct sales.

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