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Friday, June 26, 2015

World of Tanks and Google Invite You into a Virtual World with 360 degree videos

World of Tanks and Google Invite You into a Virtual World! Imagine feeling the turret shake on a Centurion as it rattles over rough ground, or seeing exactly how much space the crew of a Hetzer had to live in!

This will soon be easier than ever as we’re proud to announce an innovative and exciting new project for World of Tanks called “Virtually Inside the Tanks.”

With the help of Google and The Tank Museum, Bovington, England, we have been hard at work creating a pioneering series of Google 360 panoramic videos focused on historic fighting vehicles. Google 360 videos are a revolutionary step towards virtual reality. They behave like Youtube clips, but allow you to choose the angle that you wish to view the action from, as if you were right in the thick of it!

Check out our gallery of photos from the first series of Google 360 shoots: Click to site

The videos we have filmed will be debuting at this year’s Tankfest. To help you view them at the event, our community team will provide you with Google Cardboard and NANO VISR headsets that place you in the midst of the 360 video’s world. They are easy to assemble and will have unique World of Tanks branding:

The first series will star some of the legends of World of Tanks – the T-34-85, the Easy-8 Sherman “Fury” from the movie, the Type 59, Leopard 1 and the Chieftain. We would like to extend our thanks to the team at The Tank Museum for their help in working with these incredible machines. As well as showing the tanks in action, you will be able to watch a guided tour inside and out with Wargaming Military Specialists - Richard “The Challenger” Cutland and Nicolas “The Chieftain” Moran.

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