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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Crew Wild Run expansion for Crew Game

The Crew Wild Run is the expansion of the revolutionary action-driving game The Crew. Gather with players from around the world to celebrate anything with wheels - from asphalt speedsters to off-road beasts and all kinds of motorcycles.

You and your crew must earn your ticket to The Summit, a continuous and itinerant championship all over the USA. This is the place to be to try out the wildest vehicles, participate in new challenges and access tuner shops to upgrade your cars into exotic concepts.

Show off your skills to earn your ticket to The Summit, an unofficial gathering of thousands of drivers and mechanics from around the world which takes place in iconic locations all around the USA. A gathering where car culture is celebrated across a multi-dimensional competition with the widest variety of vehicles from heavily tuned cars to agile bikes or more exotic concepts. Ride your motorcycle on your way to The Summit, impress the crowd of the monster truck arena in the Yosemite Valley, smell burnt rubber behind the wheel of your drift car or break speed records with your dragster on Bonneville Salt Flats. The promising thrills of new challenges await you and your friends. The gathering has begun. The Summit is here.

Unleash incredible supercars, agile motorcycles, unstoppable monster trucks, evasive drift cars and roaring dragsters. With every achievement and victory, customise these unique rides, enhancing their performance and looks. Overtune your best vehicles to bring their performance to a new level and get an edge over competitors.

Locate each Summit competition area and show off your skills in a variety of events whilst challenging thousands of drivers from around the world. Beat the best drivers and earn exclusive rewards.

On your way to The Summit, challenge fellow drivers with new FreeDrive activities, get noticed and seek new rivals to compete against in The Summit events. Immerse yourself in the updated, massive open world re-creation of the United States with its new lifelike lighting and gorgeous graphics.

New content includes:
- 4 New Vehicle types: Motorcycles, Monster Truck, Dragster, Drift Cars
- 15+ Additional Licensed Vehicles
- 60 New Tuning Kits
- Unlimited FreeDrive Multiplayer challenges

Breakthrough Elements
All driving experiences with motorbikes and exotic tuning specs: monster trucks, dragsters and drift cars.

The best open-world playground for a driving game revamped with lifelike lighting and stunning graphics.

Non-stop competition, non-stop fun with The Summit, a continuous and itinerant championship that pops up at iconic locations across the USA.

Seamless social interactions in FreeDrive with new types of activities.
Game Positioning
Gather with drivers from around the world in a wild and unexpected journey to compete and celebrate car culture.

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